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Cycling Training Programmes for improving your Cycling Performance

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Professional Cycling Coach for best Cycle Training

A Professional Cycling Coach is the Kernel of Cycling Coaching Courses. He can provide you various kinds of tailored Cycle Coaching Programmes for improving your different cycling aspects. Read more

The Benefits of an Indoor Trainer as Part of Your Cycling Program

Cycling is a great way for people not used to doing rigid workout to start a fitness program. Going to a fitness centre or having to appear in public when one is a beginner can be nerve-racking. Starting any type of exercise program and sticking to it during the first agonizing stages requires determination. Read more

The Great Things You Get Out of a Good Cycling Exercise

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A Better Understanding of the actual Menstrual Cycle

Menstruation can be a stage in a girl's lifestyle that indicates that she's becoming sexually fully developed. It is characterized which has a monthly cycle the place where a menstrual fluid can be released following a great elimination of a thickened coating of the uterine wall Read more

Eat To Compete: Blackened Ahi Tuna Tacos with Mango & Avocado Salsa

Message by NONEAre we men or machines? In light of recent doping revelations, it seems were more fallible and human than ever. So its good news to welcome chef Matt White (no, theyre not the same guy) with a healthy, and UCI-approved way to aid your training regimen. This one tastes great too   Read more
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Technical FAQ: More on cyclocross gluing tape, stripping glue off carbon wheels

Lennard Zinn recommends one layer of Belgian tape and four layers of glue when mounting tubular tires. Photo: Lennard Zinn | VeloNews.com Lennard Zinn answers more questions on gluing cyclocross tubulars and addresses glue removal from carbon wheels   Read more
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The Top Mistakes People Make When Choosing Cycling Shoes…And How To Avoid Them

I'll show you how to eliminate those simple mistakes with a straight forward edvice on what to look for. Take a look at my other cycling related articles that will not only benefit the everyday rider but also any attendee of the Team Spirit Cycling Camps and Single Day Corporate Velodrome Events. Read more

Charm City Cross 2012 results

1. Nicolas Bazin, Bigmat Auber, in 1:01:30 2. Ian Field, Hargroves, at 1:01:38 3. Weston Schempf, Seavs-haymarket, at 1:02:03 4. Ryan   Read more
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Hilton Clarke, Erica Allar win National Criterium Calendar titles

The USA Cycling National Criterium Calendar (NCC) concluded last weekend in the heart of downtown Boston with the TD Bank Mayorand#39;s Cup with Hilton Clarke and Erica Allar taking the overall titles.   Read more
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