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Bicycle Century Training 101 – How to Train For a Century Ride

Developing a successful bicycle century training program for yourself can be a daunting task. It can be very difficult to know where to begin, let alone know how to get yourself in shape to ride for 100 miles.

Many people who decide to ride a century get information overload and simply abandon any formal training schedule in favour of simply getting out there and riding as often as possible.

In order to get the best from your body it is absolutely crucial that you train in a structured way. Getting fitter is all about stressing your muscular and cardio vascular systems to a certain level and then allowing recovery time. A well planned training schedule will ensure you optimise both the stress and the recovery to allow you to get the maximum benefit.

Always have a purpose toy your training rides

One thing every professional rider will tell you about training is to always have a purpose when you get on your bike. Amateurs often make the mistake of simply riding in what is know as the dead zone – about 85% of maximum effort. Continuous riding at this kind of intensity over a period of a few weeks can lead to stagnated fitness and general tiredness caused by overtraining.

Instead the pros always have a plan when out riding. Whether it is a low intensity endurance ride, a very gentle recovery spin or a hard interval session each ride will be pre planned in terms of length and intensity.

Completing the goals you set for yourself on each ride will boost your motivation massively. Without doing this it can be easy to find an excuse to cut rides short, slow your pace or not ride at all. Having a schedule gives you lots of short term goals to achieve which in turn will help you reach your long term goal of riding a century.

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