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Bicycle Century Training – How to Supercharge Your Speed For a Century

If you are planning on bicycling a century or are already training one of the things you will be focusing on is your average speed. This number will be the best tool you have to working out what your expected finish time will be.

In this article I will reveal some great ways to boost your average speed. Only small differences in you average can have a dramatic effect on your finish time. If for example you can move your average speed from say 17 miles per hour to 18 you will shave about 20 minutes of your time!


One of the best ways to do boost you average is to start doing some interval training. These aim to maximise the time you spend working hard during training while not wearing you out.

The classic interval is the 2 x 20. After a warm up, ride for 20 minutes at about 85% of your maximum. Take a 10 minute break of easy pedalling to recover then ride another 20 minutes at that intensity. Cool down well afterwards.

The logic is that you would not be able to maintain that pace for 40 minutes straight but by breaking the workout up you can ride for 40 minutes at that intensity.

Long Slow Rides: LSD

A great way to boost your speed is to increase the efficiency of your riding. One way to do this is to always do one long slow ride each week (most people do it at the weekend). Rides of this type should be done at a pace that allows you to easily maintain a conversation. These types of ride make you body more efficient at burning fat, allowing you to ride faster for longer.

To learn more training tips from the author of this article follow this link to his bicycle century training site.


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