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Bicycle Century Training – How to Train to Ride 100 Miles

Bicycle century training can be a very daunting prospect. For someone relatively new to the sport, riding a bike for 100 miles can be a very daunting prospect. Many people wonder where to begin their training and what type of training they should be doing. In this article I will explain what you need to do in order to successfully train for a century ride.

I have completed over 50 century rides in recent years and so have learnt a fair bit about long distance cycling along the way. The first piece of advice I can give is to ensure you have a good century training schedule. In much the same way as marathon runners always have a plan so should century riders. The demands training for such an endurance event places on your body means it is crucial to have a decent plan that allows you to get the most out of your body without overtraining and getting injured.

The second piece of advice is to vary your training. Too many people make the mistake of simply going out and riding hard all the time. This is a sure fire way to wear yourself down and get injured. Instead you should incorporate exercises such as intervals, steady state tempo rides and recovery sessions that allow your body to improve in various ways that will help you complete your century ride as quickly as possible.

Last but not least you need to enjoy your riding. Again a schedule can help you do this as it will create lots of small targets to reach for on each ride, keeping your motivation high and you determination strong to complete these small goals in order to reach the ultimate goal of riding a century.

To learn more training tips from the author of this article follow this link to his bicycle century training site.


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