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Carbohydrate Cycling Revealed – Plus a Free Sample Plan!

What The Heck Is Carbohydrate Cycling?

What the heck does this mean? Cycling carbs..HU? Well, if you are trying to get rid of some extra pounds, or are training for a big event then Carbohydrate cycling could be just what you need to get over that plateau, and reach your goals! What I want to do is just give you some insight on how carb cycling works, the benefits, and a SAMPLE PLAN!

How Does Carbohydrate Cycling Work?

Well, instead of taking in say, 100 grams of carbs a day you break it up. The idea is to eat the majority of your carbs on your busiest days. For example, if you are going to be running around all day, plus have a workout scheduled for that day you are going to want to take in more carbs. You see on the days that you need the energy (carbs) then you want to take in more. So, if you are signing up for a little run in your community, then you want to carb up! Now, on the flip side, if you dont have much on your schedule, and its your day off from the gym, then you want to take in much less carbs. If you aren’t going to be that active you will hang onto those carbs, thus, turning into fat!

So, carb cycling works by giving you the energy when you need it so you burn it all off, and when you dont need it, so you dont build extra fat!

Why Should I Do This?

Well, you can see very substantial changes in your physique as well as performance in and out of the gym. If you are trying to tone up a bit, then you are going to want to take in the majority of your carbs on very active days. When you are inactive, you aren’t burning off those carbs, and, as a result they are stored as fat! So, learning how to cycle your carbohydrate intake will make a big difference!

An Example Carbohydrate Cycling Plan!

Mon : Big day – ( running in and out of meetings, running a few errands, and you have your workout ) Take in a good breakfast with 20%2B carbs. Then for lunch, have more, healthy carbs (whole grain bread, whole grain rice, whole grain pasta) Then, for dinner cut your carbs back a bit.

Tues: Slow day – ( Doing some paper work, no meetings, not errands, no workout) Eat a good breakfast with a good amount of carbs to start your day right. But, then for the rest of the day try and limit your carb intake. Eat a very small amount of carbs!

Wed : Big Day – Carb Heavy until dinner…etc… etc..

Lets Sum It Up!

Ok, so cycling your carbohydrates can help you lose weight, feel great, give you the energy when you NEED it, and allow you to break through your dieting plateau! If you are looking to switch up your routine I would strongly consider giving this a try! If you have any questions Click Here And I will get back to you asap!
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