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Century Training Schedule 101 – How to Train For a Century Ride

Do you want to ride a century? Riding your bike for 100 miles can be a daunting task however with the right training and preparation completing your first century is more than achievable.

The key to successfully riding a century

The most important aspect of riding a bike for 100 miles is having a structured training program or schedule. Too often riders I talk too simply believe that going out and riding as much as possible is the best way to get fit for a century ride. Naturally there is some truth in this however by simply riding as much as possible more often than not you will slowly wear yourself down and increase the chances of getting an injury.

A decent training plan will firstly help you get the maximum benefit from the hours you put in on the saddle. Many of the riders I have helped have actually reduced the number of miles they ride (often by around 25%) and increased their fitness/speed by around the same figure. The key to making improvements like this is structured and varied training workouts and knowing exactly when and how hard to push your body.

Over the course of 100 miles a few percent improvement in performance here and there can make a huge difference. A good training program will seek to gain small advantages in lots of different areas including bike set up, on bike nutrition, off bike nutrition, training schedule, recovery techniques, kit selection.  A 5% improvement in all of these areas would yield an overall improvement that will dramatically improve your century performance.

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