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Cycling Century Riding Tips

What is a century? It stands for 100. In a cycling century, that means a recreational ride of a 100 miles. There is no competition as in a running marathon. The name marathon gotten from the ancient Greek heroic 26 mile run. The century can be 100 miles or a metric century of 100 kilometers which convert to be 62 miles.

Keep in mind that training for a cycling century is like a marathon. What a tip. You must put in your mileage prior to riding a century. Many scenes with riders walking along their bikes will be witnessed when you pass them by on route. Getting off the bike early because you buttocks are hurting can signal the end of your tour. Though cycling this is recreational, you want to have the accomplishment of finishing a century. It is a finish with yourself not against others.

Pay attention to the condition of your bike. It is a serious machine that is to be good repair and not left outside to rust in the weather. Keep it well just like you do with your body. Be sure your bicycle’s moving parts like chains and cables are lubricated. Tighten all parts like nuts and quick release levers that can loosen over time. Proper tire pressure is vital too. When your tires are properly inflated, rolling resistance is easier making your speed faster. Flats can still happen, so keep a tire tube repair kit, air pump and tools in your bike bag.

Nutrition tips endurance are many and varied. Here are a few. This is the event you can eat and drink before you need to. Do not over drink and eat. That will reduce toilet trips. Rest rooms may not be available because the routes are on underpopulated rural roads. Keep a riding and eating pace. Some foods to pack and eat are fruits, bagels, peanut butter and cookies. Remember to fill up two bike water bottles.

Know what road terrain and weather you will encounter. Is the route flat or hilly? Here is where conditioning and proper shifting is used. You want to use proper gearing to keep an even pace. Though you are in condition for this century ride, you want use gearing to assist you on hills and against the wind.

Carry a packed rain garment and map protector cover. Have a change of clothes when needed. Wear a helmet. It can get very sunny out there. Use sun screen protection and pack a bottle. Use eye protection or sunglasses. Trees are usually away from the road on farmland.

Get cycling shoes that have a stiff rigid soles. That sole spreads the pressure to the shoe’s soles and not to the balls of your feet. Flexible soles used for walking are not designed for riding a cycling century. Just like your sore buttocks, your sore hurting feet will let you know it is the end of your ride.

Enjoying a cycling century is ready for you. Know that a century may have routes of 25, 50, and 75 mile routes designed into the full century route. A last tip, ride with a group of friends, a century ride is a non competitive social cycling ride that may get bring you to the next level, a double century ride.


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