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How Much Training Do I Need to Do to Cycle a Century – 100 Miles?

The above is not an easy question to answer. How much training you need to do depends on so many factors that the answer is different for every individual. Below I will discuss some of the points you will need to consider to answer this.

Expected finish time

Are you riding your century as a competitive race or simply as a charity ride with friends? If you are racing you will need a training program that will get you to the finish line in the quickest time possible having given your all. If riding in a sportive with friends then you require a program that will get you to the end of the century in a slower time but feeling good.


The course you are intending to ride will play a massive part in both the type and amount of training you will need to do. A flat course in Oregon will require a completely different training regime from a century ride through the Alps of France. The key in both cases is to be able to adapt your training for the course you will be riding.

Available time

Perhaps the biggest constraint on the amateur rider is available training time. With full time work, family and social commitments it can be hard to spend as much time riding as you would like. The key thing you need to learn is how to maximize your time in the saddle. The most common mistake non professionals make is just going out and riding. Every time you get on your bike you should have a plan of what you are trying to achieve, whether it is improving you pedalling stroke, increasing you power, working on endurance strength.

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