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The Best Century Training Program – How to Optimize Your Century Training

One of the most common questions I get asked is “what is the best century training program”? This is not an easy question to answer as every rider is different and has very unique bodies. Each person will respond differently to varying training loads, intensities and conditions. It is these almost limitless variables that confuses many less experienced riders or those new to long distance cycling.

Start by just riding

The best approach when training for a century ride is to just start your training by riding and getting some hours in the saddle. Providing you have a good amount of time to train the early part of any program should be more focused on getting low intensity miles into your legs.

This phase of training lets your muscles adapt to the rigours of long distance riding while at the same time allowing you to get used to your bike, find the right bike fit and test your other equipment, clothing and nutrition.

More focused century training

As you get nearer to your century ride you should try to incorporate more focused training rides into your workouts. If your century ride will be very hilly you may want to focus more training time on improving your climbing technique. The introduction of interval training will help you improve your average speed which will help you reduce the time you need to complete your ride.

Over training

One common mistake inexperienced riders make when training for a century is over training. This is often caused by simply going out and riding with no structured training schedule. Doing so simply wears your body out and increases your risk of injury.

To learn more about the specifics of training for a century follow this link to my centuy training program


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