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Training For a Century – A Complete Guide to Riding 100 Miles

Training for a century can be one of the most rewarding and pleasurable experiences if done correctly. This article will explain how you can turn your training from a chore into one of the most rewarding parts of your life that has the potential to change you for the better. Let me explain what I mean.

Several years ago I was severely out of shape, over weight, drank too much and ate almost nothing apart from junk food. Fast forward a few years and I have lost several kilos, am fitter than I have ever been, have ridden over 50 centuries and have discovered a new lease of life thanks to cycling.

My journey started when I was talked into riding a century for charity. The thought of training for a century scared the life out of me however in fact it ended up putting the life back in to me! Over the course of a few weeks I altered my diet, began training and soon watched the weight fall off me. The more I improved the more I was inspired to continue training and riding as I lost weight and got healthier.

Do not get me wrong I had some tough moments along the way and made many mistakes in my training. Key to my success throughout my cycling career has been structured training programs that tell me exactly what I need to do every time I get on my bike. Before I started using these I simply went out and rode as hard as possible. This initially helped me improve however I soon began to ware myself out and actually got worse at riding. My improvements only came back when I realised that less is sometimes more.

To learn more about how to get started on a journey like mine take a look at my site that will guide your through how to get started training for a century


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